Now you are planning to embark on your first deep-sea fishing trip and you think of joining a fishing charter. If it is your first time, having a guide is important because he can help you in exploring the seas. With so many fishing charters and guides advertising their services, what do you need to know before picking a companion for your trip? Let’s begin!


Deep sea fishing allows recreational fishers to catch fishes not normally found in shallow waters such as tuna and marlin. A fishing charter is a vessel hired by passengers who are engaged in recreational fishing. A captain usually lends his services along with his yacht or boat to a group a people to fish in deeper waters. Depending on the size of the boat, there may also be crews who assist the captain and the passengers during the journey.


The Fees You Need to Pay

Getting the right fishing charter is a must, given that this is an expensive activity. You will need to garner a group large enough to share the payment and make the trip worth it. Going alone is also an option, yet you must be able to get along with strangers. There is also a notable difference between fishing inshore or offshore, or fishing for a half day or an entire day. Note that the rate includes fuel, insurance, fishing permits and boat maintenance.

Asking for markdowns to the captain is normally not granted, but there may be discounts when you fish off-season. Nonetheless, note that fishing charters are running on a tight margin.


Some captains have built their businesses on how they conduct themselves, while others pride their prior experience. Regardless of their specialty, they must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • An experience of at least 5 years in professional fishing
  • Licensed and insured by the US Coast Guard
  • Works full time as the captain of a particular vessel
  • Knowledgeable in the seas of your fishing area

They should be able to accommodate all kinds of anglers, regardless of their skills. You may also check the fishing charter’s website and read about their expertise. Some display galleries of their past clients and their successful catches. The Captain’s Background Talk to as many captains as you can and assess whether their experience in deep sea fishing suits your need. Some are doing charter fishing in their whole life and know the sea better than the others. Moreover, you can gauge how they interact with clients. You can also read reviews, or ask your friends about their deep-sea fishing experience with them. An adept captain should be able to provide a comfortable, educational and fun experience. Some fishes are tougher to catch than others, so it is important to know the ones you plan to get before sailing. You will need a lot of patience during your trip but an excellent fishing charter can take you to the right places. Happy fishing!

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